Everything Underground (eu), The Network is a conduit for education, empowerment & entrepreneurship within the EU community. Our centers are the hub for creative entrepreneurs.
The Everything Underground firm is a 21st century multifaceted organization dedicated to progress and empowerment. The creation of opportunity is EU's design, focus and principal motivation.
Our Network Staff works for it's members. We consistantly promote on and off the Internet. Our exclusive platforms are only accessible through membership. We encourage worldwide callaborations. You can consider us your fill in the gaps network partner.  Large or small first we listen. Join today or schedule a consultation 317 956 3876

Our Services

PR Planning, Event Coordination, Business Consultations, Start Up Support and more.  All new members recieve a complementary 30 min  consultation

network benefits

  • Increased visibilty in the local business community
  • Find new referrals or leads for your business
  • Drop in meeting space
  • Create joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Stay current on trends in the network
  • Connect with key influencers in your industry or target market
  • Find resources to your problems
  • Recruit new talent or build a new career 
  • Socialize


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Everything Underground Inc. (EU Network) is a  MARKETING NETWORK FIRM that includes Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals Entertainers and Sports related careers. We are inspired by the nation's tradition of independence and financial freedom and determined to build parallel to historically discriminatory coalitions (also known as the GOBNS, Good on Boys Network).

The design, focus and principal motivation of the EU network is the creation of opportunity. We seek to build, support and enrich institutions and people that strive for excellence in business. Some of EU's most popular elements are in the field of media. We specialize in team building, PR, event resources and visual advertisement.  We can connect you to  consultants & life coaches

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Everything Underground education, empowerment entrepreneurship. Our centers are the hub for creative entrepreneurs.

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Our monthly networking events are a chance for members to mix and mingle. Members are also encouraged to showcase their talent or business, create partnerships collaborations and vote and or participate in EU upcoming events.

The Trailblazer Awards was founded in 2015. The inaugural ceremony was held in Nashville TN. This Award show is intended to create a positive force that highlights African Americans from three generations. 2017 Trailblazer Awards will be held in Indianapolis Indiana with plans to go to Jamaica year five. 

BOSS UP BUSINESS AND ENTERTAINMENT CONFERENCE (example)  Before a Producer can produce, a director can direct or an actor can act they must have a story to tell written by a playwright or screenwriter. If you want to learn to get a story out of your head on paper then on stage or screen or be a Producer, Director, Director of Photography/Videography, Sound & Light, Actor, Composer/Musician, Editors, Special effect or get connected with them; this is the resource for you.

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