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  • 02 Jan 2018 1:39 PM | Athena Salisbury
    Empowered Living Inc. is proud to present The Vagina Monologues 2018! Currently, there is an epidemic of your women/girls being sold and forced into human trafficking rings. Often those who are victims of trafficking, are held for over 10 years or more before being rescued. Unfortunately, numerous are killed, often their bodies are never found. Because we live in the Midwest, our state is one of the most saturated areas for trafficking. Our efforts to bring awareness and end violence against women and girls needs assistance from everyone in our local community. 

    How can you help? Empowered Living Inc.'s production of the Vagina Monologue has the main goal to raise awareness while raising funds to assist those in need. With the monies raised, we can offer services such as mental health therapy for free or at subsidized pricing. Empowered Living Inc. is an excellent resource and we are working to change our community so that this epidemic can be slowed down and eventually eliminated.

    The Production of the Vagina Monologues will take place on February 9th,10th and 11th at the historic Madam Walker Theatre. For More information on the event and how to purchase tickets, please visit our website and social media links below. Let's take a stand together and change the world!

    Tickets: https://%20elivday2018.eventbrite.com

    Website: https://empoweredliving4.wixsite.com/events

    Facebook: @elivdayindy

    Twitter:  @elivdayindy

    Instagram: elivdayindy


  • 07 Nov 2017 12:42 AM | Nicole Kearney

    One of the most common forms of startup financing is family and friends funding. It usually comes after or in tandem with the entrepreneur invests their savings or uses their credit cards to fund their idea. Family and friends funding happens before a bank or angel investor would show interest. Family and friends are typically an entrepreneur's best opportunity to secure money. They are usually investing in the entrepreneur more so than the idea.

    Someone in your direct connection group may also be able to offer more than money. After assessing their strengths, an entrepreneur can consider bringing them on board as a board member or advisor. This can be a helpful way to engage their talents and lead to further business introductions. These introductions could potentially lead to future funding.

    One thing to take into consideration before taking family and friend money are the what ifs. What if the business doesn’t succeed? How will the entrepreneur deal with sitting at a family gathering with someone whose money they have lost? One way to help avoid confusion is to have formal agreements in place. The agreements will clarify the terms, risk, and rewards to the potential investor.

    Another way to accept family and friends money is a gift. Crowdfunding is often the vehicle used. It builds on the entrepreneur's network trading perks or gifts for monetary contributions to the entrepreneur’s idea. Many have found this model to work for them. The timeframe is typically 30 to 90 days and the amounts range from $25,000 to $150,000.

    Entrepreneurs seeking family and friends money as their initial source of funding can use this as a marketing test. If they don’t understand the idea or fail to invest, then perhaps the idea needs to reevaluated. For many angel investors, it’s a red flag if your idea can’t attract family and friends financing.

    An entrepreneur having ‘skin in the game’ is seen as an asset when seeking to fund. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why should others? Make sure you have at least an executive summary and financial projections done. Include in them how the money will be used. Present these to your family and friends as you would any investor. It shows them you are serious.

    Be ready to answer questions, do presentations and if a prototype exists; show it. Anything you can do to show what you have already invested into the idea and how the funds invested will be used to grow the idea into a startup into a company. Now, go raise some money.

  • 21 Sep 2017 1:32 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

    Bernie Casey truly deserved the title of "Renaissance Man." Casey, who passed away Wednesday at 78, achieved fame and distinction as both an athlete and later a performer and man of the arts. The grace and flair that he displayed on the football field and track later was easily shifted  to the passions of painting, poetry and acting.

    Casey initially gained fame while at Bowling Green University, where he starred in football and track. He was eventually drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, and spent most of his eight years in the NFL with them, though he was traded to the then LA Rams late in his career. Though he only made one Pro Bowl in 1967, Casey was a steady and reliable wide receiver, and he completed his NFL tenure with 40 touchdown receptions.

    However Casey had always deemed himself more a man of arts than an athlete. Upon retirement, he returned to his alma mater, earning a Master's of Fine Arts from Bowling Green.  He'd already developed his painting skills, and increasingly Casey also turned to writing, eventually having multiple books of poetry published.

    But it was as an actor that Bernie Casey enjoyed a second major stint of praise and recognition. He appeared in 35 films dating from 1969 till his death, beginning with a role in "Guns of the Magnificent Seven," one of a handful of sequels to "The Magnificent Seven."

    Casey proved quite versatile over the years. He was in art-house style productions like "The Man Who Fell To Earth," also appeared in "Never Say Never Again," Sean Connery's tongue-in-chief brief return to the role of James Bond, Agent 007. 

    Depending on personal preference, some fans may view his role in the satirical "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka'" was a high point. Others would argue for "Revenge of the Nerds," while the Sci-Fi freaks would lobby for his role in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

    Whatever the case, Bernie Casey made his mark in multiple areas, and leaves behind a solid legacy of achievement and accomplishment, both in athletics and the arts. 

  • 20 Sep 2017 2:41 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)
    The mercurial, highly successful rapper and business mogul Jay-Z reportedly did something this week that few folks in or out of the entertainment business ever do: he said no to the National Football League.

    According to a story first reported in "The Source," and subsequently confirmed on other websites like Allhiphop.com before going viral and then making it into mainstream publications, Jay-Z turned down an invitation to be guest performer for the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. This is one of the prime showcases for any performer, one that gives them a chance to be seen before a worldwide audience that has at times topped the 100 million mark.

    But that made no difference to Jay-Z, who a few weeks ago publicly expressed his support for and solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

    Kaepernick has been mostly ignored the entire preseason by NFL teams, getting only one visit with the Seattle Seahawks. While head coach Pete Carroll later expressed his belief that Kaepernick deserved to be on a team, the Seahawks ultimately passed on him.

    The same thing later happened in Baltimore, where both head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome were reportedly ready to offer Kaepernick a contract before the team owner intervened.

    The Kaepernick situation has become so obvious that even some of his fellow quarterbacks have publicly discussed it. Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady each has said they feel Kaepernick should be a team.

    While Jay-Z hasn't yet publicly disclosed his reasons for turning down the NFL, it is quite interesting in light of the fact that his wife Beyoncé appeared at Super Bowl 50.  Michael and Janet Jackson, as well as Prince have been previous halftime performers. 

    Jay-Z's resume and popularity might have brought the NFL some good news in what's been a rough summer and early fall. Ratings are down on all telecasts, and there's also a boycott going in two different circles.

    Several Black fans, upset about the treatment of Kaepernick, have been boycotting all NFL games. Meanwhile on the other side, there are right-wing types angered at what they deem disrespect of the flag and national anthem due to Kaepernick's taking a knee who are also boycotting.

    But if the NFL's purpose in not giving Kaepernick a chance to play was trying to silence protest, it has had the opposite effect. Players on such teams as the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns have done team protests, while other athletes like Seattle's Michael Bennett and Oakland's Marshawn Lynch are doing their own version of  Kaepernick's protest.

    Kaepernick reaffirmed last week for anyone who doubted it that he still wants to play, and is ready and willing if any team should choose him.. Meanwhile Jay-Z, who at times over the years has been attacked by more militant/nationalist types for not being more vocal politically, has certainly taken a stand guaranteed to delight  some people and anger others..


  • 04 Sep 2017 7:08 PM | Deleted user

    Quite often I get calls from excited clients that want to go on vacation. They enjoy talking about all the places on the infamous “bucket list”. Once all the qualifying questions are asked and the data is tallied, then comes “this is too expensive!”

     So what does it really cost to go on a vacation?????

     You can find several articles all over the web and in print covering this subject. It basically breaks down that the average American spends about $1200 per person for a standard 5-7 day vacation give or take. Honestly. It really depends on where and when you travel, how many people are in your travel group and your expectations. 

     Travelers love to say they want the cheapest option but they want that option to be a 5 star rated vacation.  As I like to say you can’t have Champaign taste on a welfare budget! It is very true that you get what you pay for.  When devising a budget for a vacation, you first have to ask yourself, “What kind of vacation do I want?” Then make sure your budget matches the vacation you can afford to have. There is no need to go into debt just to get away. With all the stressors in our lives today, we don’t want to add to it.  And don’t assume that traveling on a budget takes away from a fantastic enjoyable vacation. Through the 19 years that I was a single parent, I found ways to make trips with my children that fit into my budget. No my lights didn’t get cut off or bills didn’t get paid.  For me, travel was key to keeping my sanity. While I didn’t do it every year, I was still able to get away as far as Disney World in Florida on the tightest budget and still enjoy myself.


             So how do you really get started?



    Make a list. Actually make a couple of lists. The first one should be of all the places you want to visit. The next list should be of dates you can actually take a vacation. This one might be tricky if you have kids or others in your travel party.  One thing that drives travel agent nuts is a client who says “I just want to go sometime this year or sometime this summer …” We as agents are here to help you but we can’t make dates up.  When searching for your ideal vacation, a parameter has to be set which includes location and exact dates.  There are way too many factors to determine when it is the best time to travel. The more information you provide the easier it is for travel agents to pinpoint your best options. Honestly you know what you and your traveling party can do. Everyone has their own idea of what a great vacation is and those ideas are uniquely different. 

    Next think of what you want to do while there and any experiences or restaurants you must try while visiting.  If traveling in a group, make sure everyone is included on the process. We tend to think we all have the same ideas but you’ll find that you may not. Once you’ve got an idea of where and when you want to go, break down each component to determine how much you want to spend.

    A vacation consists of the following components:

    • Transportation

    • Accommodations

    • Activities

    • Food


    Transportation includes airfare, car rentals, transfers and local transportation. If you need all of those, that can be a hefty tag.  Decide on what forms of transportation you’re going to need for your vacation. Be sure not to forget about transfers to and from the airport or train station connecting to your accommodations.  I always check the accommodations I reserve for my clients to see if they offer any type of transportation especially if it’s free.  Don’t ever assume anything! You don’t want to be caught stuck at any location with only high priced options available.

    Expect to spend anywhere from $250-350 for a plane ticket per each person ages two and above. Understand this is just for budgeting purposes. There are fares that drop or above these amounts depending on location traveling to.  We are trying to achieve a starting point and stretch it to what you’re willing to pay.

    Car Rentals on the lowest end start at about $250 for about 5 days which equates to roughly $50 a day. If you are not a small car driver than think about adding $100+ to each level of upgrade you want to go. Again remember this is only a starting point and not true figures.

    Local transportation can be pretty inexpensive in most cases. I would just round up on your final overall budget to catch this into your pricing.


    Accommodations include resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast etc. Decide on what type of accommodations you prefer. Cheap does not always equal safe and clean. Think more of the star rating system than the price system.  The lower the star the worst the hotel will be and the lower the price will be. If you want quality, you will have to pay for it. Finding that happy medium comes with what you’re willing to pay.  This is where you really need to be specific in your needs. There a hundreds of thousands of hotel and resort options all over the world. Stating what is most important to you helps narrow that search down.  Each of your must haves more than likely will affect the price. I would say for nice a 3-4 star location with most of the general amenities plan to spend at least $120-180 per a night. Yes yes there are cheaper options but remember we are estimating a reasonable amount to spend on a nice and pleasant vacation.

    Things to think about when choosing a resort or hotel

    • Number of beds in a room

    • Separate rooms or privacy (a door or wall separating beds)

    • Close access to elevators, pools or parking lot

    • Handicap access

    • Free parking or transportation

    • Location


    Activities can be just about anything. Wonderful thing about activities is that they can be FREE! This is where that list comes in handy. One thing I like to do for my clients is try to find as many of the entertainment activities they want to experience at the most reasonable price. There is almost always more than one option available which means different pricing. Of course location is a big factor on what is available to do. It’s always a good idea to write down you're must do options first. We all want to maximize our limited time away.  I would say that this category can be anywhere from $100 – 800 per person. Large amusement park tickets are going to cost well over $200 per person for a week’s time.


    Food is an area you can adjust easily. If you have some unique experiences on your list, plan accordingly. Most vacations can include grocery shopping at reasonable prices. If you want that laid back option, all-inclusive options can be utilized even domestically.  I would say you can plan for about $50-100 a day give or take.

    Given the figures about, a family of four can expect to spend about $4800-5000 for a week of vacation. Also don’t forget about other expenses that may incur like passport fees, taxes and misc. fees incurred by airlines and resorts. The main thing to think about is that when you put your budget together, the goal is to come under the amount you are willing to spend. You want to be realistic and really put some thought into what you want to spend.  You can even go over your last vacation and try to piece together what you spent. What you may find is that you spent well over your current estimation.  There are definitely ways to cut cost. Be open and prepared for the available options and you will be able to find the experience that fits your needs.


    Traveling can be very rewarding. It creates life lasting memories. Be smart about getting there so you can fully enjoy the journey.  Come out to Just Ask Kiky's Sip, Shop & Travel event August 4th to learn more about how you can afford to travel and much more! Visit wwww.justaskkiky.com for details.


     Be sure to order your copy of Just Ask Kiky: A Single Parents Guide to Being Broke and Having a Social Life to learn more about saving options to help with planning your next trip. Visit www.justaskkiky.com to purchase!

     If you would like Just Ask Kiky to assist you with your next vacation, please contact me at




    Nickiya Brown

    Just Ask Kiky Owner, Author, Travel Agent

    A Colesville Travel Agent

    P.O. Box 681316

    Indianapolis, IN 46268



  • 29 Aug 2017 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Cancer is such a devastating disease that has claimed so many people.  Please join me, and many others as we Walk to celebrate and remember those that have been touched by this dreaded disease.

    October 7, 2017 at 5pm. We will do a 5k route with luminaries, starting at military park.  

    PLEASE join me for a memorable evening.

    For more details Contact Linda Lewis-Everett at 


  • 12 Jun 2017 5:02 PM | Nicole Kearney

    Further Adventures in Traveling to Taste Black Wines

    By Nicole Kearney


    In April, I traveled to beautiful, fun and sunny Miami, Florida. Why do you ask? To be part of a first, the first Black Women in Wine celebration. Marcee Jones, owner of Urban Connoisseur organized and hosted the event. In advance of the event, Celebrity Chefs "Hit Squad" a team of five Black male chefs to the stars tasted 40 wines. Out of the 40, they selected six wines to pair with a six-course meal. Each food pairing would compliment the wine being served. A few dishes were even prepared using the wines.

    The six Black women winemakers chosen were Theodora Lee; Shae Frichette; Chrishon Lampley; Rhonda Russell; Dawna Darjean Jones and Sherrijon Gaspard. As each course was presented, wines poured and tasted, it was easy to understand how these six women and wines rose to the top. Each wine had a distinct profile that the food enhanced.

    The first wine poured was Theopolis Vineyards 2014 Yorkville Highlands Symphony created by Theodora Lee, know as Theo-patra, Queen of the vineyards. Symphony is a blend of Muscat and Grenache Gris, fermented in stainless steel, it has a floral nose, tastes of peaches and mangoes with a clean finish. It was paired with grilled scallops on a bed spinach accompanied by an edible orchid. Theopolis Vineyards located in Yorkville, California started in 2003, producing its first harvest in 2006. Theopolis Vineyard boasts three other award-winning varietals. They include 2015 Symphony; 2013 Estate Grown Petite Sirah, 2014 Rose' of Petite Sirah and 2014 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir as well as 2015 Pinot Noir.  

    The second wine was Love Cork Screw’s Good Times Good Friends Pinot Grigio, created by Chrishon Lampley. Her Pinot Grigio is medium-bodied, flavorful wine with a crisp and clean apple and pear character. It was paired with gourmet mac and cheese. Love Cork Screw is based in Chicago, Illinois. However, Chrishon carefully selects grapes from various vineyards to give complexity, balance, and intensity of flavors. In doing so, she has created four other varietals; Touch the Sky Niagara, a white table wine; Head Over Heels Sweet American Riesling; Hard Knock Life Concord red table wine and We’re Moving On Up Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Third, was the sparkling and bubbly Vina Sympatica white varietal, created by Sherrijon Gaspard. The white Vina Sympatica bursts with flavor in your mouth, yet finishes dry and crisp. It was paired with Cajun shredded chicken over a bed of rice. Vina Sympatica is Southern California-based with two additional award-winning varietals of red and violet. While I have tasted Vina Sympatica previously, it was my distinct honor to sit at Ms. Gaspard's table and learn about her journey into sparkling wines.

    The fourth wine was 2014 Merlot Napa Valley created by Dawna Darjean Jones. The Merlot is a deep garnet color with intense fruit forward mouth-filling flavors of blackberry and boysenberry overtones, refined spices and velvety finish. It was paired with sauteed, sliced vegetable medley. Darjean Jones Wines, located in California sources its grapes from four vineyards; two in Sonoma and two in Napa Valley, two of the most well-known regions in California. They produce additional award-winning varietals of 2014 Cabernet Franc Stagecoach Vineyard Napa Valley, 2015 Viognier Russian River Valley and 2013 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast.

    The next wine was 2013 Shaw Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon created by Shae Frichette. The Cabernet Sauvignon on the nose had aromas of blackberry, cherry, plum, and baking spices. On the palate was dark blackberry, blueberry with a smidge of caramel on the finish. It was paired with grilled lollipop lamb with whipped sweet potatoes on the side. Frichette Winery located in Washington is family owned, limited production, crafting wines that showcase the best of Red Mountain and the Columbia Valley AVAs. They produce three additional varietals; 2015 Sauvignon Blanc; 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon; 2013 Merlot; 2013 Red Mountain Merlot and 2013 Red Mountain Reserve. 

    The final wine was That Southern Taste 2013 Syrah Rose created by Chef Rhonda Russell. The Syrah Rose is delicate and sparkling full of gentle raspberry, cherry and plum notes, both light and fresh with balanced sweetness and acidity. It was paired with a dessert of sherbert with a light cake. The dessert was infused with Theopolis Vineyards 2014 Rose' of Petite Sirah. Taste Collection Cellars is based in Houston. However, all of its grapes are sourced from Lodi, California where the wines are produced. The other five varietals, all named after members of Rhonda's family are; Vivian 2014 Chardonnay, Raymond 2012 Malbec, Jazzy 2012 Cabernet Franc, Henry 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel and Isabelle 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.

    The trip was one well worth it. I look forward to sharing the next adventure with you.

    Sip & Share Wine & Great Times,

    Nicole Kearney, MFA

    Wine Enthusiast and Founder of Sip & Share Wine: Home & Event Wine Tastings


    @sipnsharewine - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram   







  • 22 May 2017 12:35 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

    This is Everything Underground's Online Chronicles Report for the week of May 15-22. These are the five most popular stories on our Facebook page, which is updated daily and spotlights stories, events and personalities undervalued or overlooked by the mainstream media. This week's five most popular stories:

    (1) Actor Hill Harper purchases business in Detroit and home in Boston.

    (2) Comedian Dave Chappelle apologizes for earlier comments urging people to give Donald Trump a chance.

    (3) A Black owned Cognac is coming to America.

    (4) Black contractors are shut out of Pro Football Hall of Fame building project in Canton.

    (5) Actor/Filmmaker Jordan Peele plans a Jim Crow horror series for HBO.

    For more stories like these,  membership details on how  you can join our growing national network of businesses, firms and individuals dedicated to community empowerment and uplift, as well as information on upcoming events and notable EU members, visit our Facebook page, blog and evun.com. 

  • 03 May 2017 3:16 PM | Anonymous

  • 03 May 2017 3:08 PM | Anonymous

    Everything Underground has always been dedicated to Black community empowerment and collective uplift through supporting our own businesses and institutions. But a vital part of that process includes development and mentorship to young people, and the creation of opportunities for them to display their talents. Despite the portrait presented by mainstream media, not all Black youth are gangbangers, uninterested in education and totally devoted to nothing except hanging out on street corners.

    There are many young people across the nation working hard towards moving us ahead on a daily basis.  They are engaged in positive activities, excelling in the classroom, and working to continue the legacy of activism and enlightenment started decades before their birth. Sadly, too often older people either ignore them, or put them down because they don't like their music or clothes or language. It is so easy sometimes for older people to forget they were once young, and that their parents feared their music, didn't understand or like their friends and were upset at their hairstyles and clothing.

    We are highlighting in Youth on the Move all the positive and exciting things young people are doing, many of which won't appear on television news or in publications because they're not negative or sensational by mainstream media standards. We're talking about the achievements of scholars, the business savvy of young entrepreneurs, the creative visions of the next great entertainers, and many other fantastic things that will be overlooked by those only concerned about sagging pants or rap lyrics. We're here to welcome and encourage our youth, celebrate their triumphs, savor their victories, and continue to share with them some of the lessons we've learned through joint struggle and engagement. Only through generational co-operation and interaction can we thrive as a people.,

    Youth on tha Move is a vital part of the Everything Underground total program and core mission. That is why we're going to recognize some distinguished and special young people this year along with the second class of Trailblazer Award winners. EU sees this as the ultimate in spotlighting both ends of the spectrum. One ceremony honors and knowledges the giants whose exploits over a long period of time have enabled us to persevere as a race. The other honors emerging greats whose goals haven't yet been reached, but are well on their way to blazing new and important trails of their own.

    Everything Underground views Youth on tha Move as part of a return to a time when Blacks valued group improvement above individual success, and everyone's input regardless of age or income was welcome. The challenges of the 21st century are too vast and complex not to utilize all the available talent at hand, and there's certainly plenty of it in our community among young people. So we welcome and urge your support for Youth on tha Move in the same manner as for Everything Underground and its diverse platforms and events.

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