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  • 22 Mar 2017 11:45 AM | Delores Thornton

    Women's Religious Conference by Marguerite Press (Rev. Delores Thornton) on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Location: 55 S. State Av., Indpls. IN 46201. Panel discussions, Breakout Sessions, Illumination of Hebrew & Greek in the Bible, and Making Your Vision Board. Continental Breakfast and Light lunch. Cost $35.00 - contact us today: delores910@yahoo.com.

  • 10 Mar 2017 5:05 AM | Bobby Maull


    Nicole Kearney   MFA Writer/Producer

    Nicoles plays have been produced in NYC, Chicago, ClevelandSan Francisco, Orlando and Indianapolis. Nicole is the founder and co-producer with IndyFringe of Onyx Fest, an African American playwriting festival in Indianapolis, IN. Her streaming (web) series can be seen online at youtube.com/nicolekearneyproductions and the streaming platforms; OhDef.net , ColoredContent.com and SparkkTV.com. She was a semi-finalist for the 2016 Sundance Institute|YouTube New Voices Lab. She has a MFA in Dramatic Writing from Spalding University. As a former professor she taught literature, creative and playwritingNicole is also a wine enthusiast. When she’s not writing or producing for stage, screen or streaming platforms, I can be found pouring and drinking African American, women and boutique wines for Sip & Share Wines. For more information nicolekearney.com or sipnsharewine.net.

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    Nicole Kearney Productions/NKPN
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    If you're a stage play lover you'll get so much out of this...on a BOSS UP WEEKEND!

  • 10 Mar 2017 4:49 AM | Bobby Maull


    Donzella Kinsey  CEO/Life Coach  

    Donzella Kinsey Creator and President of Diamond In The Rough. Diamond In The Rough mission is to provide women with the skills and resources to improve their quality of life. We support women while they find balance and strength to reach beyond past hurt through inactive workshops, group meeting and practical lessons. 

    No stranger to the rough. A divorced, single mother of 3 beautiful girls. She has experienced life's up and downs. Diamond In The Rough is a passion that is founded on sisterhood. She provides a platform for women of all race, shapes sizes and backgrounds to come together and uplift each other in a none judgmental environment. I am my Sisters Keeper. 

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    Find what you've been missing at the BOSS UP Breakouts

  • 10 Mar 2017 4:36 AM | Bobby Maull


     DaNisha Greene  Fashion/Beauty/Designer Consultant          

    Innately drawn to the artistry of fashion, DaNisha Greene has been involved in the industry professionally since 2010. However, personally, she has been a lover of fashion her entire life. Her love first manifested on the campus of her beloved undergraduate institution, Fisk University. There, she synergized her fashion interests with her Mass Communications major to creatively direct two homecoming fashion shows. Motivated by the positive response from her peers, she initially ventured into the realm of personal styling upon returning to her native Indianapolis, Indiana. What gave DaNisha a bit of an edge in the styling scene there was her aesthetical mix of vintage and contemporary. This hybrid style is a perfect reflection of DaNisha’s unique personality… part old soul, part cutting edge. Fashion consulting and personal styling also allowed DaNisha to impress upon others the accessibility of fashion through thrift shopping, in an environment where those interested might not be able to afford couture or other high end fashion. DaNisha’s vision is that all should be able to display their personality through fashion, no matter their background or other limitations, and she uses styling as means to achieve this vision.

    DaNisha’s work has been published not only nationally in magazines such as Pattern, Vibrant, Couture Living, Mode and Unzipped but also internationally in Croatian magazine Lepota i Zdravlje, African magazine Adunagow and Australian magazine Mildred. Past projects have included assisting styling for designers such as Laquan Smith, Falguni and Shane Peacok and Michael Alan Stein during New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015 season. Most recently, DaNisha has worked as the Wardrobe Stylist for D'Marsh Couture during New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 season, the campaign ads of Elan Furs, Poppy Seeds Swimwear and Pierre Phillip Shoes and Producer/Creative Director for the Beauty and Fashion Industry Ball in Indianapolis. She also continues to be one of the key Producers and Backstage Directors for Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis and Chicago for the past 3 years during both Fall and Spring season shows. She now serves as the International Brand Ambassador and Fashion Director for Pierre Phillip Shoes. Moreover, DaNisha builds genuine personal connections with many different types of artists within the industry and leverages those connections for the greater benefit of everyone in her network. A natural born giver DaNisha continues to uplift and empower her community by participating and assisting in producing charity fashion shows, provide prom makeovers to homeless teens and help advise teens in foster care on dressing for their body type and age appropriateness all while being fashion forward on a budget. To those that know her, due to this community-minded relational style she is revered as one of the key fashion movers and shakers in Indianapolis.

    Creative and driven, with her own personal touch of style, DaNisha is truly…. Yours In Fashion

    Fashion frenzy ladies and gents you don't want to miss this piece of the BOSS UP WEEKEND!

  • 05 Mar 2017 7:35 PM | Bobby Maull


    Lexi Jones    Coach/Entreprenuer

    Title: Going Small In a Big Way: The Niche Advantage


    I.  Determining Your Niche

    II. Determining Your Niche Clientele

    III. Attracting Your Niche Clientele  

    Description:  Many believe that they risk giving up great market share and profits if they niche.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs and leaders maximize their chances for gaining repeat clients, increasing income, and increasing profits through niching.

    Objectives:  Upon completion of this workshop, you will:

    • Understand the importance of niching
    • Learn how to determine your niche
    • Learn how to determine your niche clientele  
    • Learn how to develop a solid marketing plan for your nich

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  • 05 Mar 2017 3:22 PM | Bobby Maull


    Delores Thornton    Author/Promoter/Activist

    Delores Thornton, a licensed and ordained minister is an Indianapolis native and life long resident. She is an author (of 7 books), playwright, director, founder of Marguerite Press (1996) and literary entrepreneur. She is also the Internet Radio talk show host of, Around2It on the NuuBeat Network.

    A community activist she is a member of many grass roots organizations including C2G Initiative (Cradle to Grave) which she founded.

    Thornton received her BA in Christian Education from Simmons College of KY (Valedictorian), and MA in MTS (Master of Theological Studies) from Christian Theological Seminary, Indpls.

    A member of the Advisory Board of the Indy Public Library African American History Committee, Thornton is also a board member of Indy Black Chamber of Commerce (Membership Chair) and a committee member of the International Festival with CIC (Center of Interfaith Cooperation). A member of Everything Underground. And a volunteer Counselor and Mentor of young men and women in conjunction with the LASER Project.

    Thornton is an Associate Minister at Greater Galilee MBC where the pastor is the Rev. Dr. Ernest L. Porter, Sr.

    Breakout titled: Get That Book Out! In it I will cover

    *Dealing with writer's block

    *Planning and preparing your book launch

    *Getting your book in stores and libraries

    *Marketing to your target audience

    And the MOST important thing, Promotion.

    Assistaning me will be Author  Ayanna Tipton 


    I'm a bio and a head shot.


  • 03 Mar 2017 4:17 AM | Bobby Maull


    Jenn Ray  Speaker/Coach/Author

    Jenn Ray is the Founder and President of RestoringHer Inc. Where she and her team take a transparent, innovative and excellent approach to restoring your Light, Love and Life through her  adult ladies division and her young ladies 

    36- week program; The E.S.T.H.E.R.S Society. In both; programs, seminars, and events are provided to promote inner healing, interpersonal development and life skills as well as love/relationship coaching. Her work and passion with young ladies paved the way for her as the host of the "Teen Chat" segment on the Angel Starks Show.

    Jenn Ray is also an Ordained Minister, Empowerment Speaker, Author and Certified Love Relationship Coach. She is an advocate of both men and women in relationships. Her goal is to bring transparency and balance to the thoughts, communication and actions of both sexes in order to promote and empower healthy relationships.

    JennRay gonna empower your relationship game to the next level...You don't want to miss this BOSS UP WEEKEND

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  • 03 Mar 2017 3:38 AM | Bobby Maull


    Jerrel L. Farries      Producer/Director/Film

    Jerrel L. Farries, President & CEO of JRELZ Media Group LLC., founded the media production company in August of 2012.  Getting his start as a local music producer at the age of 14, he quickly made an impact on the Indianapolis music scene by producing for local talent, both Rap and RnB.  His moniker, JRELZ resonated as a the name of a rising talent who saw far beyond his age, namely because of his soulful approach to sampling classic and timeless records.  In 2009, JRELZ launched a website, www.jrelzbeats.com, where his talent went beyond his city, and to the corners of the earth.  As if gaining clients in new cities by the day wasn't enough of a highly touted resume, JRELZ decided to try his hand at film in late 2011.  In 2012, he decided to launch his company in rare form by releasing his first short film, "Secrets", which he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in. That was the spark that JRELZ needed to eventually go on to shoot a feature length film entitled, "Secrets 2", that sold out two theaters at the Hamilton 16 IMAX Theater in 2014, win first place in the Indiana Black Expo International Film Festival in 2016 with his short film about mental health in the African American community entitled, "Zion's Berger", to most recently filming a television series set to air in 2017 entitled, "Save My Soul".  JRELZ has utilized the platform that he has been afforded to partner with local ministry efforts such as food and clothing drives, and also supporting other local filmmakers while they too work to achieve their dreams.  JRELZ says that any level of success he ever receives can be attributed to God, his family, and the support of his wonderful JMG Staff. 

    Jerrel is gonna give you the in's and out's on what it takes to get your film in to the big screen...You don't want to miss this BOSS UP WEEKEND

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  • 03 Mar 2017 3:23 AM | Bobby Maull


    Brandon Williams    Film/Director/Video/Productions

    Brandon is a film graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Film & Video Production from Full Sail University. Prior to becoming a  professional videographer, Brandon was heavily involved in video production since the early age of 10. He first started off at his church working in the Media Ministry in which he learned all aspects of film production from operating cameras, adjusting lighting, routing cables,  managing audio, etc. As he grew older, he soon realized that his passion was in film making and decided to pursue a higher education in Video Production so he could turn his passion into a career. He is currently still doing Full Time Freelance as a videographer for music videos, commercials, weddings, Corporate gigs etc. Soon he wishes he can open his own video production studio for video & music production.

    Brandon will be one of our panel experts in video production and directing. For those who need to get the real insight on how to get the right cut...you don't want to miss this BOSS UP WEEKEND...


  • 03 Mar 2017 3:10 AM | Bobby Maull
    Ira Mallory       Writer/Director/Producer
     Ira Mallory started making films following the death of his Mother, Barbara Jean Wilburn to breast cancer taking his gifts in the visual arts to a professional level. He is an alumni of the Fox Searchlight's Director's Labs in association with the American Black Film Festival under the instruction of John Singleton, F Gary Gray and Zola Mashariki. Mallory attended Indiana University majoring in Communications and Media Studies. With the formation of his production company, BJYL Productions, (Barbara Jean’s Young Lion) Mallory has directed over 30 commercials, videos and movies including five short films and two feature length projects. Mallory released Home Before the Holiday to a private audience at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This film is slated for its digital world premiere this year. Ira served as Cinematographer for the feature film Night of the Unspeakable shot on the RED camera at Asmyth Recording Studio in Indianapolis. Ira's film exploring suicide among Black American youth, A Time Alive, premiered at the Indiana Black Expo Intl. Film Fest July 2016. Most recently Ira released the trailer to his feature film Home Before the Holiday 2: Mystery of the Golden Santa. 

    Mr. Mallory will be one of our panel experts who will teach you what you need to BOSS UP  On your  Stage and flim game... You don't want to miss this!

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