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EU's suggestions for a successful media kit.

01 May 2020 3:25 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

Among the many services and areas of expertise that are available in the Eu Network, none are more essential to success in our view than having a strong image and presence. That is very difficult without a good media kit. We have compiled some ideas and suggestions that we feel should be in any good media kit for a topflight business or organization.

Media Kit

I - Introduction

In today's highly competitive environment, it is viral for any organization, company or business to differentiate themselves from others. Being able to immediately identify and emphasize your specialties, areas of expertise, past successful experiences, and plans to ensure future success are all critical to enjoying consistent progress.

Everything Underground offers high quality, distinctive media services, one of which is the preparation of a media kit that will fully define and cite the reasons why your firm or organization should be chosen for key assignments and important jobs.

II - Essential items

A - Bio

B - Business/Organizational profile

C - List of prior successes/clients

D - Profile photo

A. - Bio

A well written, concise, comprehensive bio provides potential clients with enough information to know who you are, why you're in business, and what you hope to accomplish. You can include enough biographical detail to highlight whatever personal details you feel are relevant, while omitting anything you consider invasive or unimportant.

B. - Business/Organizational profile

Here's where you briefly describe what you do, who you serve, your objectives, philosophy, in short all the things about your business or operation you feel a client should know.

C - List of prior clients/accomplishments

This provides a guide to past achievements, and can double as a set of references.

D - Profile photo

This was widely considered an optional feature In the past, but today folks definitely prefer to see potential new clients. The photo can include as many or few key people in your company as desired. Video presentations are also now often being substituted for still photographs.

III - Optional items

A. - Awards/Citations

B. - List of planned future objectives/goals

C. - Closing statement

A. - Awards/Citations

If you've won any local, regional. or national awards or citations, you can include them in your media kit. Some companies are reluctant to disclose this, while others make it part of their advertising campaigns, but it's strictly a matter of choice.

B. -- List of planned future objectives/goals

Some ambitious companies and/or individuals like to include things they hope to accomplish, or ideas and objectives they're pursuing. Others see this as prematurely disclosing company strategy. But it can also be touted as examples of visionary thinking.

C - Closing statement

This can be an additional appeal for your company to be selected, thanks for consideration, last minute reflections, or a combination of all three. It's not essential to include it, but it can be a good way to make a few last minute points, plus leave a good final impression.

Everything Underground hopes that you will recognize the value of having a superior media kit. We're living in uncertain times and an age where image and brand are frequently the most important things in terms of expanding or restricting overall productivity. We urge you to take full advantage of our services. We can provide you with any version or variation of a media kit, a basic one with just the essential items or a more expanded one.

We also offer other media services. Please feel free to contact us at everythingunderground.com for a more detailed list of our additional services, or contact us directly at 317-958-3876 ( International +1-317-956-4876). We thank you in advance for your consideration.

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