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Our Seasons Change!

22 May 2019 12:35 PM | Tonda Mingus (Administrator)

So we know that the four seasons change like clock work and there’s nothing we can do about them except adjust. They are coming no matter what and every one of us has a favorite. It’s the one that makes you feel open, energetic, happy, positive and alive!

There is also one that I call a 5th season that comes in and dwells within any one of these  and it’s our own personal season. It can have many titles….Increase, Sickness, Poverty, or Happiness, just to name a few.

With each season there is change and change is forever. Sometimes it puts us in a scary place, but how we run with each journey, I believe, is what determines the outcome.

Have you ever truly thought about what is REALLY going on with the person you’re chatting with or judging? I wonder sometimes if people could step into the battlefield inside of another would it change how we treat them, nevertheless, it is important not to wear what we’re going through, even as hard as it may be.

In each place that GOD has me, I know there is a reason. Sometimes, knowing that is all I have to hold on to as I wait for some sunshine. In the meantime, no one can take my smile. It is simply gratitude for where HE has brought me from and where I COULD be.

Many of us like to pretend that we are untouchable, nothing can break us down, and we have life by the horns. The truth is, you have control over nothing when it comes to outside forces, and you are wasting your power in trying to uphold an image of Super Man or Super Woman. You are human.

There are many things that a Winter season will not allow me to do, as I simply can’t combat it’s elements, but what it cannot do is stop my process. It is something that no season has the power to control.

With wisdom, some struggles and one loss after another, I am coming to learn also not to allow people to stop my process and where GOD is trying to take me….and again, in the meantime, I continue to SMILE!

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