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How Bad Do You Want It?

01 May 2019 9:47 PM | Trease Sears (Administrator)

How Bad Do You Want It?

"The difference between you and the person doing what you want to do, is that they’re doing it!”  T.A.S.

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t have any dreams or goals.  However, so often our dreams tend to vanish into thin air, like a vapor hopelessness. Why is it that some people are able to fulfill their dreams and others are not?  

I recently had an opportunity to survey my own approach to fulfilling my dreams.  What I discovered was that I lacked tenacity. I would give up to easy, rearrange deadlines until the dream completely faded away.  I would start things and when they weren’t working as though I thought they should, I convince myself that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  On the flipside, I was able to tell everyone else, how to live their best life and what steps to take in order to taste success.  Why couldn’t I be my own biggest cheerleader, why didn’t I believe in myself to finish what I started?  Maybe, I was too tired from cheering others on that when it came time for me to submerge myself in my “stuff” I was depleted.  

In 2015, life as I knew it changed for the better!  I made up in my mind that whatever I started, I would finish.  I began to F.E.E.D. my own desires, passions, dreams and goals.  I was still available to assist others, but I made sure that I had what I needed first.  One of my major projects was the opening on World Changers School of the Arts, Inc. (WCSA). WCSA, is a private school focusing on Academics, Visual & Performing Arts and Entrepreneurship, which caters to grades 6-8.   It took a lot of focus, educating myself, encouraging myself and determination to make my dream a reality. 

When you want it bad enough, here are few things you will do:

Focus-I had to determine my “why.”  Why was I trying to fulfill this particular dream? Whenever, my path became unclear, I readjusted the lens of my life and brought the focus back to my why.  My why was to provide students with an educational opportunity that would prepare them in securing the brightest future for them. Now, I will tell you, your why has to be worthy.  It has to be something that you are not willing to give up on. 

Educate yourself- Try to learn as much as you can about what you want to do, the goal you're trying to accomplish or the dream you want to fulfill.  I believe that you should learn something new daily.  Another way to become an expert in your area of choice is to find a mentor. I had to surround myself with people, who had experience in the education field, people who have actually worked in the classroom and those who were in the trenches administratively.  There is nothing wrong with not knowing it all. As a matter of fact, no one likes a know it all!

Encourage yourself-There is going to come a time that you want to give up.  I must inform you that if you give up, your dream dies.  You will have to give yourself many pep talks!  I talked to myself daily.  I created a wall full of encouraging reminders such as; “you are capable,” “this is your purpose,” “you already have everything you need to accomplish the goals.  In addition, you have to be mindful of who you allow in circle during this critical birthing process.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who will encourage you on the days you are unable to encourage yourself.  

Determination-Don’t allow anything or anyone to keep you from fulfilling your dream.  Keep going no matter how many no’s you get.  You’ll never get your “Yes” if you stop at the “No.”  Believe in yourself, your product or service.  It’s difficult to convince someone to believe, when you yourself don’t believe.

It’s been a few weeks since Jay and Bey released their latest album.  As I listened, I thought about where they came from and their determination to achieve their dreams by any means necessary.  Then my mind ventured into another direction.  They have two eyes, hands, legs, a brain etc. and so do I! What’s keeping me from their level of success?  My answer was very simple…me.   I encourage you to F.E.E.D. your dreams. They are attainable, if you want them bad enough.


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