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  • 14 Nov 2020 9:55 PM | Anonymous

    There's no better time than now to start thinking about how you'll take advantage of the biggest spending season of the year.

    Develop a Plan to Market Your Goods or Services. 

    The New Year Will Thank You.

    Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas is upon us, it's the 2020 shopping and giving days! Here are our top tips to market your product or service.

    1. Create a great holiday offer. Coming up with a compelling offer could be the secret to this year’s success. 

    2.  Leverage the platforms that matter. The holidays are a busy time for your customers. That’s why it’s important to use the right platform to get in front of the right people. Think about all of the ways people can find and communicate with you online. 

    3 . Encourage new customers and prospects to join your email list before and during the holiday season so you can continue to influence them year-round. 

    4.  Offer a coupon. The key to a great offer is that it’s compelling enough to get people to act. You can add a coupon to any email and let customers redeem in-store or online.

    5. Plan an online  event. Hosting a holiday event is the perfect way to thank customers for their continued support. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with your audience face to-face.  We plan, or host online events

    6. .Run a contest. Contests are a great way to engage your audience and can help generate buzz during the holiday season. Come up with a prize that your customers will love, and encourage them to enter by providing their email address.

    7. Send a thank you email or offer something of promotional value by snail mail.

    8.. Update and engage on social media. Update your profile information to include your holiday hours. Before the holidays, share helpful, valuable information that keeps you top-of-mind.

    9. Create a blog on Everything Underground and share thatblog to all social media platforms..

    Everything Underground has marketing tips and ideas to help you engage and convert new and exsisting clients. You want to be able to communicate with existing customers as well as potential new customers.. Think about optimizing your website, using email marketing, social media, and even online listing s, review sites and blogs.. You’ll want to think about your organic strategy as well as extending your reach with paid options.. . We have  marketing solutions and ideas to help you grow your business. Call us today for more information

    317-918-3181, or message us now!

    Publisher Lashell Daniels

  • 05 Sep 2020 4:58 PM | Yahudah Ben Yisrael

    Set Free Diplomat Training Academy
    1109 Candy Mountain Road
    Birmingham, Alabama 35217


    My Name Is Yahudah Ben Yisrael (Formerly, James Otis Kirk) the Elder son of Cephus Jordan, Sr. and Almetea (Alma) Kirk from Pachuta, Mississippi. I am not African American, I am not Color, I am not Black, and I am not a Christian. I am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I received my degree in Business Administration in 1973 from Erie Community College/City Campus where I served as the Student’s Government President and Director of the Student’s work study program. I became a Pastor in December of 1992 and started the Ministry, which was Set Free Christian Outreach Center, Inc. We did outreach which included Preaching, Teaching, taking care of the Homeless and providing food weekly. I accepted YAHUSHA the Messiah as my Master, Savior and King in the fall of 1991 and became a born-again believer at that time, and a law-abiding citizen of the kingdom of heaven and an Ambassador for the Messiah. YAHUSHA the Messiah is my Master, Savior and King, YAHUAH thy Elohim is my Father which is in heaven, the Ruach HaKodesh is my Helper, Teacher and Guide. Halleluyah! All praises to YAH!

    This Is My Project For Our Ministry:

    Worship Center: please note that the first phase of our project is to secure a Worship Center with a Commercial Kitchen and a Chapel. We are going to be teaching the Torah, Computer Classes, Job Skills, Soft Skills, & Healthy Living Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This is where we will go over the Scriptures and teach people how to live according to the Torah. Dinner will be served from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM for all who attend the Classes.

    The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom Community: This is the second phase of our project. Each person who get Converted and commit to living according to the Scriptures/Torah will be given the opportunity to move into The Kingdom Community, please note that this community will be outside of the city, it is going to be a place where we can take control of  our future, grow our own food, preserve our own food, cook from scratch, save our own seeds, raise our own animals, generate our own electricity, and our own water plant, become self-sufficient. They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
     No longer will they build houses and others live in them, or plant and others eat. For as the days of a tree, so will be the days of my people; my chosen ones will long enjoy the work of their hands Isaiah 65:21-22.
    We are going to purchase 1,000 acres of land in each location. This will allow us to have 300 - 600 families in each community.

    Housing: each person or family will purchase their own home of their choice from the list that will be provided for them. The Lot Size will be ½ acre of land, to build their beautiful family home.

    Income: each person or family will be given the opportunity to participate in our Network Marketing Opportunities and our private organizations and Crowd Funding platform as well, so they can receive enough money to pay cash for their home or pay it off in ten years or less. Halleluyah! 

    Education for the Community: We are going to build a Community Center. Included in this Center: Private Free School, “Set Free Diplomat Training Academy” Fitness Center, Gym, Computer Lab, Recording Studio, Chapel, Kitchen, office space, and the Hebrew Federal Credit Union. Please note that we have the License and Contract to operate this School.

    Locations: we are going to have one location in Birmingham, Alabama, Hattiesburg, Mississippi and one location in Atlanta, Georgia, all will be the same. Will you support our project? We are looking for Hebrew Israelites (African American) who is willing to help us with our project, and you can help yourself as well. If you are willing to work with us, please send your name, email address & phone number: mynetworkteambuild@gmail.com today! Put “HIKC” in the subject line.

    All praises to YAH in the name of YAHUSHA.

    Elder Yahudah Ben Yisrael – Overseer 

    Set Free Diplomat Training Academy
    (205) 212-0517

    Andrea George – Young Women Ministry



    What Will You Do If All The Grocery Stores Were Empty?



    Why Black People Need Farms



  • 05 Sep 2020 4:56 PM | Yahudah Ben Yisrael





    1)  1st week receive Donations Totaling $4000. You keep $1500 and Donate $2500 To The Designated Person This Advances You In The Process Toward Achieving And Receiving $63,000 In 21 Days.


    2) 2nd week You Receive Donations Totaling $20,000. You keep $14,000 and Donate $6,000  To The Designated Person, This Advances you In The Process Toward Achieving And Receiving $63,000 In 21 Days.


    3) 3rd week Receive Donations Totaling $48,000 you keep all of it.

    So your Total Donations To You is $63,000.


    $1,500     week 1

    $14,000   week 2

    $48,000   week 3

    Total payout $63,500 

    MINUS $500 initial

    I'm contacting as many people as I can ""THIS WEEK"",  I only need 2 people so I'll be sharing with Those that Connect With Us And Our Community Moving As One” In Achieving And Receiving $63,000 In 21 Days It’s Simple, Doable, Exciting And Happening Right Now, Connect With Us Today.


    Your Success Is Important To Us,

    Everyone Wins.

    Elder Yahudah Ben Yisrael

    Set Free Diplomat Training Academy

    (205) 709-0429

  • 26 Aug 2020 9:19 AM | Anonymous

    We're seeking your suggestions and input regarding The Trailblazer Award nominees. The Awards were created to honor and recognize overlooked and undervalued individuals who've made great contributions to their communities for many years, and have reaffirmed through their perseverance and dedication Everything Underground's mission of uplift and empowerment.

    1.Broadcasting and Excellence in Media Award-We originally created the Trailblazing Broadcasting Award to honor excellence principally in radio and television broadcasting. But we've now expanded it to include online media. This should be someone whose example and contributions have paved the way for others. Nominees can be anchors, disc jockeys, producers, writers, directors, even technical people. Their impact should extend not just locally or regionally, but nationally and/or globally,

    2. Excellence in Gospel Award-This is designed to highlight groundbreaking and visionary achievements by songwriters, publishers, performers, labels, writers or producers in the various fields of spiritual and inspirational music. The nominations can also include arrangers, composers and orchestrators, as well as choral directors.

    3. Impact Award-This award honors the broad scope of a career, and can spotlight either individuals, businesses or teams. But the key is to recognize those who've made extensive and comprehensive impact within the culture, and helped discover and foster greatness in others. 

    4. Pioneering and Excellence in Art Award - A specialty award that highlights the specific fields of art and illustration. We're focusing on those who have made major achievements as art directors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, directors, or producers. It also recognizes film creators and/or institutions whose works have been particularly inspirational and motivational.

    5. Strategic Investment Award - This award recognizes an individual or family whose track record of exceptional generosity and direct financial support has resulted in significant fiscal benefit to the community. They will have consistently demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility, and a willingness to give without hesitation that has encouraged others to take philanthropic leadership roles on a community, national and/or international level.

    6 Entrepreneurship Award - We honor  entrepreneurs and companies whose visionary ideas have proven extremely influential, and also have created and/or marketed innovative products or services. These award winners have used their strong leadership skills to inspire others.  

    7. Fashion Award - These are trend setters, individuals and/or companies who are always ahead of the curve in terms of creativity and craftsmanship. They consistently demonstrate boldness and futuristic thinking through their creations, providing the fashion world with stylistic elegance and excellence. 

    8. Community Activism Award- This honor recognizes and celebrates people the late John Lewis would say always got in "good trouble." They are change agents, folks whose work paved the way to greater social and economic justice for underserved communities. This is someone with a deep passion and desire to combat injustice, and has dedicated their life to improving the conditions of others through collaborative action.

    9. Child Prodigy Awards - We seek to recognize and honor excellence in children. We are spotlighting youngsters under the age of ten who produce meaningful output in any area in such a fashion that its quality is identical to that of an adult.

    10. Hip-Hop Excellence and Impact Award - This celebrates a special person in the field of Hip-Hop who has made an exceptional contribution to the genre. The honoree will be someone who's demonstrated extraordinary leadership and exemplary achievement while also expanding opportunities for others. 

    11. The Rehabilitation and Transformation Award - Here's a person who's overcome incarceration, and not only successfully returned to society, but made a positive contribution to it. It's someone whose example exemplifies commitment, fortitude and Trailblazing. The recipient can be any age. 

      12. Icon Award -  Our career lifetime achievement award, celebrating vital contributions made across multiple industries. This is Everything Underground's most prestigious individual Trailblazer honor. The winner will have been a prominent Trailblazer over multiple decades.    

    13. Corporate Responsibility Award- The night's biggest organizational award. It is designed to honor a corporation that does much more than merely make money off the Black community, devoting an equal amount of time and commitment to providing opportunities and services for neighborhood residents. 

    14. People's Choice Award -This is a new and special Trailblazer Award. It's a category designed to honor ambassadors, activists, and pioneers who do vital and valuable work in helping preserve and publicize cultural exploits and achievements. We want to spotlight folks whose efforts on behalf of others previously have not been properly recognized or acknowledged. They are folks you in the community decide others should know and honor. 

  • 19 Aug 2020 11:58 AM | Anonymous

    Everything Underground's diverse, nationwide group of businesses, organizations and individuals is now offering its exclusive services to aspiring and/or new entrepreneurs, entertainers and authors, as well as those who've enjoyed a degree of success, but would like to significantly expand and improve their company's or businesses' prospects and success. Our digital marketing membership initiative was crafted and designed to support and fortify your journey to success.

    First, our Executive Business Consultants will talk with you one on one. During that discussion they'll assess your strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide guidance on the necessary future steps to bolster and enhance what you're already doing. 

    Second, they'll offer our exclusive Wealth Building Workshop, which is specifically designed to help create a strategic action plan that's unique to your situation and business. Third, you then can use this plan to inform and update your team. Fourth, we offer many marketing perks, blueprints, digital/graphic products and services.


    Membership in Everything Underground also offers several services in this area. They include:

    ✓ Blog Advertising, Pod-cast booking & Book Reviews. These features will get the necessary attention to increase and steadily grow your customer base. 

    ✓ Exclusive Networking - We provide specific, direct advice you can immediately utilize. It will also allow you to start contacting influential people today.

    ✓ Selling your product in our store  - We'll offer opportunities for expanded market growth and a wider customer reach. 

    ✓ Training & Live Meetings - These will help identify potential trouble areas as well as successful ones, and help grow your results exponentially.

    Let us know what you are looking for and how this platform can better support your business needs.

  • 19 Aug 2020 11:52 AM | Anonymous

    Trailblazer Awards Update

    Greetings to all our wonderful members in the Everything Underground community. This is to announce we're updating the Trailblazer Awards, our annual celebration of unsung and overlooked great people in various towns, cities, neighborhoods and states. We began the Trailblazer Awards in 2015 because we saw so many wonderful people who had done great things for their constituencies getting little or no attention in the mainstream media.

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely affected our plans for the 2020 Trailblazer Ceremonies. We've decided to have a one-year online recap celebration that we will announce later in this year, with the hope of having the 2021 celebration in Nashville TN and once again in 2022 at the great Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, which is also the site of the National Jazz Museum.

    We are reaching out to everyone for nominations for the 2021 Trailblazer Awards. We're looking for people who've done great things in the areas of media, entertainment, education, politics, fashion, arts and culture. The Trailblazer Awards were specifically created to honor those whose contributions aren't widely recognized, and we realize that in every community there are many doing great things on a daily basis without fanfare who should be honored.

    The nominations are now open. Please feel free to nominate a Trailblazer either on our Facebook page or the website the trailblazerawards.com. Our vision from the ceremonies' inception to the present is this is a multi-generational celebration involving all sectors of our various communities. The previous four Trailblazer Awards were a success far beyond expectations, thanks to our sponsors, entertainers and the honored trailblazers.  

    We will keep you informed on future developments regarding the exact date of the 2021 Trailblazer Awards. We thank you for your past support and look forward to your nominations for the 2021 event.


    Lashell Daniels

    CEO/Founder, Everything Underground.

  • 19 Aug 2020 11:47 AM | Anonymous

    Everything Underground Vision Statement

    More than two decades ago the vision for Everything Underground came to me in dreams. In large part the vision was understood through seeing various organizations and entities operating in our community. I observed many gifted and talented people doing things, and saw different businesses that were achieving some measure of success. But what I didn't see, at least to the degree that I hoped, was a co-ordinated, multi-generational, coalition of businesses and individuals working towards the same goals of community uplift and empowerment.

    Those two things are the driving forces for Everything Underground. We combine business initiatives with social motivation and economic goals. We're striving to help more people both utilize the resources already available to them, and also to learn new skills so they can bring others along. We want to inspire entrepreneurship and enterprise, creativity and imagination. There's lots of folks in our communities willing and able to work, and interested in doing great things, but unsure how to proceed. 

    Everything Underground has recruited many top people over its existence in the areas of marketing and media, and these are two fields where we want to expand, along with business. Our goal is to ultimately see Black wealth utilized on behalf of Black people, Black expertise benefiting our communities, and more opportunities being provided for the generations coming behind us. We feel that anything is possible for people of good will and faith who are willing to work together towards a common goal.

    Over these past few months, we've seen more and more people recognize that the time has come to speak out against systemic racism and institutional police misconduct. But while protest is vital and necessary, it cannot provide the basis for community empowerment and uplift. That comes from economic growth and stability, creating successful businesses and organizations that in turn provide jobs and help grow wealth that can be circulated throughout our communities rather than flowing out to others.

    Everything Underground remains committed to the principles of empowerment, uplift, inspiration, and motivation. We continue to strive every day towards fulfilling that mission of one day seeing our neighborhoods and communities self-sustaining and healthy, with our children and grand-children able to continue building off the foundation that we've created. 


    Lashell Daniels

  • 26 Jun 2020 10:52 AM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

    Welcome to the EU Report for the two-week period from June 12-26. It is a little over one month since the horrific murder of George Floyd and people all across this nation have united to protest against systemic racism, economic inequality and police misconduct.

    Corporations are pledging millions of dollars to various anti-racism efforts, bigots are being identified and fired, and brutal police have been terminated and indicted in Minneapolis and Atlanta.

    Though much work remains to be done and there's still enormous changes that need to be enacted, there's the sense that for now at least many in positions of power in this society recognize the great mess and disparity 400 years of injustice has created.

    Sadly, there's an administration in power that's not just resistant to change, but is banking its re-election efforts on appealing to the same old racist attitudes and behavior that have resulted in America being where it is today.

    Fortunately, there are now more and more people not only opposed to it, but willing to openly fight to see a new day. Everything Underground remains committed to chronicling what's happening on a daily basis, both the triumphs and the setbacks, the positive achievements and the negative realities that still exist.

    We urge anyone who hasn't yet joined our national network of organizations and individuals to please do so now and support our mission of empowerment and uplift. For membership details or more information please contact us at www.everythingunderground.com.

    Here are the Top 5 stories:

    1. A Black-owned charter yacht business is launched by an HBCU alum.

    2. Master P's rice company opens doors for other truly owned Black food businesses.

    3. Black entrepreneurs buy city blocks to pave the way for Black-owned businesses.

    4. Bermuda gets its first Black Woman Governor.

    5. A self-taught suit designer travels the world to custom fit his clients.

  • 12 Jun 2020 3:55 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

    Welcome to the EU Report for the week of June 5 - June 12. This is a pivotal time in America with protests continuing and the demand for police reform, social justice and a major expansion of economic opportunity at a peak.

    Companies across the nation are pledging millions of dollars in support to various Black businesses and vital causes, while those who openly espouse racism and hatred are being toppled from jobs and supervisory positions on a daily basis.

    No one should be fooled into thinking any of this means the end of systemic racism has arrived. It took centuries for things to get in their current condition, and while any positive changes and events are welcome, there's still a long, hard road ahead before this nation truly becomes in reality what it claims to be on paper.

    Towards that end, Everything Underground continues to update and inform about both important things happening in business, commerce and the economy regarding Black operations and outlets, as well as the ongoing battle against social inequity and economic disparity.

    The time is ideal for anyone who hasn't joined our national network of organizations and individuals to do so, and take advantage of the array of resources and knowledge at our disposal.

    We also urge you to regularly visit our Facebook page and blog for all the latest news and information. For membership details and updates on upcoming events visit www.everythingunderground.com.

    Here are our top five stories this week:

    1. A Nashville senior wins $20,000 on the Ellen Show.

    2. Lowe's allocates $25 million to aid Black businesses.

    3. Eight teen girls in Nashville organize a protest march that attracts more than 10,000 participants.

    4. A list of Black-owned alternative locations to Starbucks.

    5. A surge in interest and profits for Black owned businesses.

  • 05 Jun 2020 5:21 PM | Ron Wynn (Administrator)

    Welcome to the return of the EU Report. Starting this month, we'll return to doing weekly updates. This last week has been a turbulent, yet rousing one, with marches and protests not just nationwide, but around the globe. Yes, some were marred by violence, but the overwhelming majority were peaceful, and all of them highlighted the rage resonating in Black communities over the long unresolved issue of police brutality.

    These marches were also distinguished by the participation of young people, and folks of multiple races and ages. But police misconduct and brutality is only one aspect of the systemic racism and economic inequality that's plagued this nation since its inception, an kept Blacks and other people of color from experiencing genuine opportunity and freedom.

    Here at EU we are carefully balancing things on our Facebook page between stories about economic victory and social injustice. We cannot separate the two. We need justice and economic opportunity, and we salute those who continue to fight for both, as well as those who manage to succeed in spite of the many obstacles placed in their path.

    As always, we invite those who haven't yet joined our national network of organizations and individuals to do so, and take advantage of the expertise and services we offer. For more information about upcoming events or membership details contact us at www.everythingunderground.com.

    These are our top 5 stories for week of May 30 - June 5.

    1. Four officers identified in George Floyd murder.

    2. Former defense secretary attacks Trump.

    3. Verizon commits $10 million to assist organizations involved in social justice efforts.

    4. An Alabama man is serving life sentence for crime of stealing $9.

    5. Minnesota upgrades charges against former officers in the Floyd case.

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