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Everything Underground Inc. (EU) was incorporated in Indianapolis IN in 2013. It was originally founded in Nashville TN., uniting many contemporary, under the radar, movers and shakers.  We are a network marketing firm and our team services the network. EU helps independent artists, entrepreneurs,  freelancers and professional service companies.

The website's platforms offer exclusive networking opportunities, business resources, and highlights issues and pivotal companies. It simultaneously provides a platform for businesses to enhance and improve their marketing campaigns, while also reaching larger audiences and markets.  Our services includes, Publication, Project Management, Training, Business Coaching, and Web Design.

The Internet's possibilities are limitless, in terms of being either a positive or negative factor in humanity's evolution. EU utilizes technology for the benefit of our subscribers  and clients.


Everything Underground, Inc  supports a network of motivated individuals who explore the benefits of working together for common goals. EU platforms highlight socially conscious people & encourages collaborations. We also seek involvement with economically progressive firms and businesses who will help us create opportunities for today's youth and prospective entrepreneurs, by sponsoring events and  nominating top people within your industries.

EU gives you more than just access to decision makers. We also provide you with professional  feedback and the opportunity to launch or expand your product. Two of our signature events are "The Trailblazer Awards" and "The Boss up Conference." These events are open for exclusive opportunities to network members. We highlight multiple areas of the Black experience.  We also interact with an array of links, websites and online material from other Black Media Organizations, that keeps the networking community informed about both their immediate community and the world at large.


Lashell Daniels, Publisher

Lashell Daniels has served as the Publisher of Everything Underground since its start, which began in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. The company has evolved from principally working on such events as the "Southern Entertainment Awards" and marketing for independent Rap Artists into a multi-media and marketing firm, that is involved in creating events to link and enhance EU members. Our principle mission and focus is for Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

We want to come into the area and create events that give its residents a lasting advantage. Many times, African American entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to keep the doors open. We are that quality fill-in-the-gaps company that helps us do so much more. Everything Underground (EU) was incorporated in 2013.  Lashell leverages the EU network to offer an array of services.  Lashell continues to emphasize business development, strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial exchanges of information. Her mission is “To consistently improve and enhance the EU platforms, that highlight and connect those historically overlooked and under-served.” Join this ever-evolving iconic network today! 

Corey Daniels, Executive Producer

"I got lost after finishing high school sports. Most people gave up on me. As a result of that experience, I want to help talented youth. In particular, I want to focus on those who either didn’t make the grades, or whose home life proved so unstable, they couldn’t continue in sports. I also want to offer a new direction for them, in addition to providing a sports platform. My uncle told me (my father was murdered when I was nine months old) to go get a trade. It sounds easy, but the thought never crossed my mind until those words were spoken. Now we (EU Network) want to do the same for today’s youth."

Ron Wynn, Editor-in-Chief

Nashville Writer/Editor Ron Wynn relocated to Indianapolis to join the Everything Underground team as full-time editor-in-chief, Nov 2014. Ron’s background is in multiple areas of journalism and broadcasting. His past jobs include serving as editor of the Bay State Banner in Boston, a staff writer at the Bridgeport Post-Telegram (now the Connecticut Post), pop music critic at the Memphis Commercial Appeal and an arts writer/columnist for the Nashville City Paper. He has also been a contributor to the Boston Phoenix and currently to the Nashville Scene and Nasharts.com, as well as, serving as sports editor for the Tennessee Tribune. Wynn has been co-host of the radio program “Freestyle” on WFSK-FM in Nashville for over 13 years.  He previously hosted radio shows in Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee, as well as, in Bridgeport, CT.  He covers and/or has covered arts, sports, and politics, as well as features and columns on business and government. Wynn brings nearly 40 years writing and broadcasting experience to Everything Underground and will help EU expand its media services and community profile.

DaNisha Greene, Managing Director of Events

Innately drawn to the artistry of fashion, DaNisha Greene has been involved in the industry professionally since 2010. However, personally, she has been a lover of fashion her entire life. Her love first manifested on the campus of her beloved undergraduate institution, Fisk University. There, she synergized her fashion interests with a Mass Communications major to creatively direct two homecoming fashion shows. Motivated by the positive response from her peers, she initially ventured into the realm of personal styling upon returning to her native Indianapolis, Indiana.

DaNisha’s work has been published not only nationally in magazines such as Pattern, Vibrant, Couture Living, Mode and Unzipped but also internationally in Croatian magazine, Lepota i Zdravlje, African magazine, Adunagow and Australian magazine, Mildred.  DaNisha is also a Fashion Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, to include Fashion Show and Event Production along with Backstage Direction for various organizations, charity events and fashion weeks. She continues to be one of the key Producers and Backstage Directors for Midwest Fashion Week in Indianapolis, Chicago, New York and Paris for the past 5 years. She currently serves as the International Brand Ambassador and Fashion Director for Pierre Phillip Shoes for over 2 years. Moreover, DaNisha builds genuine personal connections with many different types of artists within the industry and leverages those connections for the greater benefit of everyone in her network.


Tanisha Adams, Board Vice Chairman

Tanisha Adams is no stranger to servitude and community health initiatives. Tanisha served as the non-profit program Director of Guidance Life Skills and Mentoring Inc. for two years while receiving her Bachelors of Science degree from Purdue University. She volunteers with Lipscomb University as a medical mission team member in an effort to mitigate the impact of poverty and health disparities in Central America. Tanisha currently manages a blood and plasma donation center while on her path to medical school. It is her goal to help close the gap of health inequalities among cultures with access to basic healthcare systems. She intends to pursue medicine as a public health physician along side philanthropic and public health initiatives with Everything Underground Inc.

Nicole Bennett,  Graphic Designer

Nicole Bennett earned her Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2011. She earned her Master’s Degree in Marketing in 2013. After graduating in Marketing and Arts, Nicole set out on a journey to accomplish her goals to become a major creative force in the art world. In order to accomplish her dreams, she thought strategically. Her education allowed promotion to the next level at the job she held in the medical field since 2006.  She also launched her freelance business, Heart Studio as a side venture and created a strategic alliance with Everything Underground (EU). She has now worked with EU as a Freelance Graphic Designer for 4 yrs as of Aug 2017. She is also Co/Owner of Fab Right Embroidery and Upholstery. 

"I’m the type of person that loves to support others. Family plays a big part in my life and they still push me to do better, which is why I continue to push on. I love working with different art forms because it pushes me to come up with some amazing art pieces.  I make my ideas and the ideas of others come alive."

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