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BOSS UP 2018

Boss Up Business and Entertainment Conference  is a global initiative . We enjoy the experiences of cross cultures building business. Whether you are in the business, entertainment or community building the Boss Up  Business and Entertainment Conference has what you need. You will have the opportunity to learn strategies, network and find resources to help you build your brand.  This conference is intended to empower you. We feel that people will be empowered by gaining incite and information from our network members and other community and entertainment executives who have excelled in their various fields. We will be kicking off the empowerment weekend with a meet and greet event.

Freeway Ricky Ross is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Equipping the next generation with the practical knowledge that is transferable anywhere.  Conference goers will improve their performance and better serve society. The Boss Up conference is inspired: to increase economic opportunities within the networked community.

Pastor John Girton has dedicated his life to education and servant leadership. "It’s time to stop giving the enemy so much credit and dwelling on the things ripped from your life. True stealing is a part of the devils mode of operation, it’s in his DNA. But even when we make mistakes and give the enemy the keys to our stuff…the devil has no access to the safe that contains your future. Pastor G 

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