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Founder’s Letter:

Dear Friend, 


The fact that you’re here reading this letter says a lot about you.

Maybe you read about this in a publication. Maybe a friend referred you. Perhaps you stumbled across it by luck.

But, you’re most likely here because you’re a resident of Indiana, and you must be aware that there’s something off about our communities at large.

They aren’t being given the right tools to succeed economically.

We’re consistantly affected by an 4%  unemployment rate, while our population sits ​ 13.1​ % below the​ national poverty line.

Our communities are affected by political, economic and social issues that as everyday passes by, too often nothing is done about them.

We founded Redemption Outreach Service, Inc. (ROSI) to serve as the direct response for these problems plaguing our communities at large, and we hope to have your vote of confidence in helping us make a difference as we proceed forward.

We’re affected by an 4%  and growing unemployment rate, while our population sits ​ 13.1​ % below the​ national poverty line.

Why Support Us?


Our foundation not only educates the public about ongoing issues, but also aims to offer real solutions to countering them.

This includes:

     Providing the right training and support to encourage positive change in each community we help.

     Giving the most impacted communities access to the tools that will most aid in their personal and professional development to result in the self-sustainability of those citizens.

Because of supporters like you, our supported communities have never received a bill from ROSI for treatment, training or educational aid.

We believe that for advancement, you need change. That’s why we’ve centered our support around innovation. We thrive to take new approaches for any persons or entities we assist in impacting multiple areas of concern for or that we provide our mission to.

We offer four distinct programs all that measure the results created from our campaigns and outline our success stories one by one on our website.

Each program places importance on the following:

     Credential building in underheard communities through hands-on training.

     Applying specific tools for learning.

     Providing equal means to internships.

     A full network of apprenticeships and apprenticeship programs.

Every aspect is aimed to strengthen the economy in Indiana through workforce development and personal development, achieved by fundamental workshops, life coaching with coping skills, counseling and support for families.

Your support means everything to us.

These communities that we’re helping are getting the best treatments at no cost to them whatsoever only because we have such a loyal community of supporters.

This successfully rebuilds our infrastructure and promotes our economy. We urge you to familiarize deeply with each program and contribute what’s possible to help us in our mission to improve the quality of each and every single person’s life here in Indiana.

Helping can be as simple as volunteering a portion of your time, helping us with hands-on training, online web development tasks, services or your monetary support.

Redemption Outreach is a 501C3, nonprofit organization, meaning, your gifts no matter how big, how small, are all completely tax deductible.​      

Any donations that you make towards our cause are exempt from your federal income tax.

We’re reaching out to every like-minded organization, state official, lobbyist, advocate, church or individual.

If you’re willing to support a cause that leaves a long lasting impact that extends after us in the communities and economy here in Indiana, then we welcome you.

These societal issues have been bigger than any one individual or organization to date.

My hope is that we can all do our part, collectively.


Demetrice L. Bruno


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