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Good Morning Everyone!! And happy New Year!!!

  • 10 Jan 2018 11:28 AM
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    Video (1).MOV Special Thank you to Nicole Bennett who has been with me for four years now!! Everything we do may not be perfect but we learn we get better and we don't quit and you are soooo appreciated!! When it was me you the vision and few members you didn't give up. To God Be the Glory for you!! As Corey says "our Nicole"!!

    Also please Keep Doreen, in your prayers she had a serious surgery and is recovering.
    The EU Network is continuing to evolve and adapt to the changes and growth within the network. We are building several teams right now and we want to make sure that if you have a interest in joining a team for the benefit of the vision and your bottom line then we want you to have that opportunity.
    2018 Teams
    ** Member Services (management team)*** (Pariah Antonia Powell) announcement coming
    1. Board of Directors (strategy for 2018)
    2. Advisory Board (fundraising) 
    3. Boss Up Conference 
    (Booking for pod casting contact Lavonda TwoEn-v McIntosh for info)
    4. Trailblazer Awards 
    5. PR Team
    6. EU Book Club (planning to publish our own book titled "Be A Trailblazer") Next meeting Jan 13. Please contact Delores Lewis Thornton or Charlotte L. Jenkins for more info
    7. Monthly Networking Events
    God is so good and I am super excited about our upcoming event.
    We are in the planning stages of The Boss Up Conference starting Jan 26th. If you can attend at 6:00 on that Friday and want to be there inbox me. 
    Also, many of you have upcoming events remember to log in to create your blog on EverythingUnderground.com and we can share from there to all of our social media platforms. Please include your flyer or image when you post.
    Please remember we need your support!! We do everything in the name and hope to build the EU Network!! The Trailblazer Awards, Boss Up Conference and all projects are for the benefit of The EU Members. If there is a area that you see lacking within the network then that is probably the place that you should serve. We need leaders to help us create a better experience and to help us to solidify this platform as a official resource for our culture, community and legacy. (I) We cannot do it without the support of people who believe that OUR TIME IS COMING and that this platform can undergird us. Their is greatness within us all and together we can build parallel to historically discriminatory institutions. We can create opportunities for our children and our relatives. In fact doors are opening for my children from the work of the EU Network and my prayer is that God continues to enlarge us all for the betterment of us all.
    We plan to do more live videos this year and push myself beyond my comfort zone. We also want to expose the strengths of our network members and others that are supporting the movement by participating in our events!! Lastly, we want to make sure that we explain better in 2018 how the EU platform can benefit you and your business. 
    Thank you to everyone who is renewing your membership. Membership is up from last year and We are excited that people are joining just to support the concept but we want to ensure that the opportunity to do more is presented!! If you are interested and know that you can be committed for the next year to serve on a team please comment below or inbox me.
    God Bless,
    What suggestions do you have to help build teams, add members or improve customer service?

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